After payment, the order will be fulfilled within 5-10 working days.

Advance orders are fulfilled within 15 working days.

Conifer seedlings with open roots are delivered from September 15. until May 15.
Deciduous plants with open roots are delivered from October 15. until May 15.

Delivery prices:

1-10 kg6.99 EUR7.99 EUR8.99 EUR25.99 EUR
11-30 kg9.99 EUR11.99 EUR15.99 EUR31.99 EUR
31-60 kg16.99 EUR20.99 EUR24.99 EUR60.99 EUR
61-90 kg24.99 EUR28.99 EUR32.99 EUR90.99 EUR
91-120 kg30.99 EUR34.99 EUR38.99 EUR119.99 EUR
121-150 kg36.99 EUR41.99 EUR45.99 EUR152.99 EUR
151-500 kg42.99 EUR49.99 EUR54.99 EUR183.99 EUR

If you have any questions, please contact us using the given contacts.
Phone: +37062277654