Carpinus betulus a fast-growing medium-sized tree that can grow about 40 cm per year. The adult reaches a height of about 10 – 14 m and is about 7 – 11 m wide. The leaves are green, pruned. Fall falls gradually, often part remains on the tree until summer. The bark plain is undemanding to the soil, raising droughts. Grows better in a sunny place, but can also grow in partial shade. Similar in appearance to beech, hornbeam, Carpinus betulus, makes a superb specimen tree or hedging plant. Grown as a tree, it has a pyramidal shape that later becomes more rounded. As a formal hedge it requires clipping once a year in mid- to late summer to keep it looking tidy. Although it is deciduous, it retains its coppery dead leaves throughout the winter so it remains an effective screen. Green catkins appear in spring and winged nuts develop in autumn.

Carpinus betulus plants are available in bare roots and pots.